Week 14: Kenya

Exporting Korea’s education system to Kenya is a great idea considering the massive potential Kenya has. Currently, Kenya’s economy is not that strong, but it has been growing consistently for the past years and is expected to grow more in the future. Its population is approximately 45,000,000 people which is similar to Korea’s population but with more young people who could take advantage of Korea’s education system. If a Kenyan Kaist is built, Kenya’s science field would depend greatly on Korea and this could lead to an increase of Kenyan exchange students majoring in science to Korea.Later on, Kenya people familiar with the Korean science education system could come to Korea to find jobs and study science intensively in Korea. Also, Kenya has a growing energy industry with a nuclear power plant being built now and oil reserves being discovered consistently. Right now, China is the biggest investor in Kenya but is also responsible for creating many environmental problems due to reckless development and construction. Overall, Kenya itself has great potential and Korea could benefit greatly from investing in Kenya with a well-thought out and eco-friendly investment approach.

Rina Shiiya
Jung-Yun Lim


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