Week 11: Diplomacy

The Korean government should not even consider postponing the discussion of comfort woman for the sake of raising Japan exports. Yielding profits from exports and having a strong economy is needed and even required from a country. However, gambling the discussion of comfort women on export rates is nothing short of outrageous. Does that mean that the government intends to never talk about the subject if export rates fail to rise to the desired 40 %? The current government is well known for its almost obedient attitude towards Japan. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but to prioritize business with Japan without alleviating issues of the past is worthy of criticism. The issue of comfort women is an issue that transcends the boundaries of history. The people hurt from the atrocities of the Japanese are still well and alive and young and old citizens are still angered by the deeds of the Japanese. It is an issue that speaks to Korean citizens in a almost personal matter. Therefore, the government needs to take a strong stance in this issue and demand an a discussion with the Japanese in a bold and aggressive manner.


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