Week 11: Diplomacy 2

rash and overreacting to claim that South Korea’s current cultural strategy underlies in cultural imperialism. There is no denying that cultural products of South Korea are quite the rage in Asia, especially in South-East Asian countries. However, the enthusiasm of the South-East Asian audience and South Korean manufacturers are equally balanced out. There is no coercion, market monopolization nor the force feeding on Korea’s part.  On the contrary, it can be said the rising popularity of South Korean movies and dramas are keeping the worldwide domination of Hollywood in check. The cultural lifestyle, plots, and fashion and such depicted in Korean dramas and movies are different from what South-East Asian audiences are used to which is why they are actively copying what is shown in dramas and wanting more Korean products. To accuse South Korea of attempting cultural materialization is to accuse the receiving audience of obediently succumbing to the Korean wave which is not the case.


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