Week 10 : Soft Power

The rise of Korea’s soft power certainly is a positive sign. Soft power is as important as hard power in the sense it sinks into the lives of everyday people unconsciously and evokes a powerful sense of likability . Even if such strong feelings of likability are not created, just planting an awareness of a country and its cultural products is a powerful thing. Korea certainly has benefited a lot from soft power nowadays. However, the fact that the popularity of Korean culture is mainly due to the sudden rise of Psy’s “Gangnam-Style” instead of the long term efforts of the KCCA ( Korea Creative Contents Agency ) , an government agency which sole aim is to promote Korean culture globally, leaves much to desire for. Despite the fact that KCCA has actively been working since 1997, it has not yet yielded any significant accomplishments. The success of Gangnam-Style is proof that well made cultural content can achieve world wide acclaim regardless of a adequate platform but that does not excuse the lack of accomplishment of the KCCA. The KCCA needs to reform its current system into one that could sustain an environment where more cultural contents that appeal to the global market can be made, and properly be distributed.


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