Wedk 10: Subway Solution

As a solution for the subway situation , campaigns promoting awareness of pregnant women should be held nationwide. The campaigns could be about educating people about pregnancy badges and the purpose of the pink seats in the subway. Hopefully, more people will give up their seats when they see pregnant women while using public education.  Also, similar “pink” seats for pregnant women could be introduced in buses as well. Entire  train stalls dedicated for women could be made as well.
Furthermore, the problem in agism should be tackled aggressively. Social policies targeted specifically to elderly people should be made. Social benefits and pension for the elderly should be increased so the elderly could feel that they are cared for. Also, current policies in the Korean society should be modified to reflect changes in the aging Korean society such as the mandatory retirement age (55 years old). Hopefully, with the two solutions combined, the subway situation could be alleviated immensely.

201585003 Rina Shiiya
201202968 임정연 , Lim Jung Yun


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