Week 7: Academic Fraud

While I understand what motivated the girl in the article to fabricate her university letters, I still believe that she is the one most at fault. I honestly believe that every single student who has spent a certain amount of time studying in Korea could certainly understand the pressure behind her actions and even sympathize with her on some level , at least I do. However, the most rest of us did was to crudely fake our report cards only to confess right away when confronted by our parents. The girl in this article took the faking-report-cards act to a whole different level. Not only did she lie that the two most globally prestigious universities  created a special program just for her, she did not confess even when the press got interested and her father got requested to come as a guest on the radio. Her actions were not spontaneous but meticulously thought out and she spitefully stuck to her act. The press releasing flimsy articles without verification and her father appearing on TV (regardless of whether he knew of his daughter’s con act) was also to blame but in the end, everything that has happened is of her own doing.


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