Week 6: Conclusion

The aim of this paper is not to discredit Korean cuisine or suggest its inferiority compared to dishes from other countries. However, the incompetent strategy that is used to promote Korean food highly underpins these notions. Encouraging a positive image towards a country’s cuisine is important in that it helps create a favorable image towards that country which could further lead to people visiting that country, consuming its cultural products or even learning the language, all forms of soft power that contribute to strengthening national competitiveness. As pointed numerous times within this essay, Korea’s current strategy in doing so is nothing short of ineffective. Instead, a new tactic promoting the merits and beauty of Korean food based on the unique features that it possesses should be formed. Unfortuanately, the reformed strategy suggested in this paper is but a theory and could prove ineffective when implemented in real life.Regardless, there is no disagreeing that if apt the innate qualities that Korean cuisine carries is combined with the apt marketing, there is no reason preventing Korean food from achieving worldwide acclaim.


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