Week 5 : Instructional Models

When it comes to education, I do not think there is a model of education that suits a certain race or ethnicity better than the other. Admittedly, many Korean students struggle to get used to the discussion based lectures while Westerner teachers often get frustrated by the sea of silence they face when teaching in Korea. Even so, I do not believe there is an optimal form of education for Westerners and Asians.

The reasons most Asians , Koreans at least, are shy when it comes to discussing outloud and voicing their opinions is beacause they have recieved lecture based classes for 12 years. It is what they are used to and to suddenly expect them to participate eagerly in discussions just because they got into college is absurd. However, that does not mean they are capable of adapting to a Western educational model that emphasizes discussion and lectures. As proof, many students who have spent even only a few years overseas studying in schools that have Western instructional models are not hesitant to actively participate in debates.

If Korean students were educated in an environment that encourages students to speak up actively they would have no difficulty engaging in open debate in the same level as most average Western college students.


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