Week 3: Introduction

It’s all about Kimchi. One of the major strategies that Korea has chosen to promote Korean food is to go on and on bragging about the history and science that Kimchi has. +한식세계화에쓰인예산 +언제부터? Despite all this effort, Kimchi, along with Korean food in general, is not popular or even well known at all to the rest of the world. This is not because Korean food lacks taste or is too exotic. The worldwide popularity of sushi or pho noodles prove that even exotic foods have worldwide appeal. The main reason that Korean cuisine has failed to reach similar levels of worldwide recognition is because the Korean government’s strategy of food globalization is in its current state extremely ineffective. This essay will point out the flaws in Korea’s current ill-made food globalization strategy, compare it the strategies of countries which have successfully achieved worldwide popularity, and propose an improved food globalization strategy for Korea.

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