Week 1 :Essay Topics

  My name is Jung Yun Lim and I am a senior studying English Literature and English Interpretation & Translation. With a year left till graduation,  I have decided to pursue the field of EIT as my future career. However, while only  a few surpasses my enthusiasim toward the field, I am but a grain in the sand when it comes to actual skill and talent. I am especially inconfident about my writing skills other than creative writing. The ability to write in an articulate manner is certainly desired in a competent translator/interpreter and I hope to grasp a better understanding of the art through this semester.
   A few weeks ago, I read how the Korean government was paying literarally billions of dollars to Hollywood stars to buy Korean food products while shopping for groceries and get photographed by paparazzis as to promote Korean food among the Americans. To me, this plan seemed so ridiculous in so many levels. I had no idea so much money was being spent on a ridiculous plan that did not even work. So, for my essay, I plan to compare the food globalization strategies of Korea and Japan and anlayze why the former has failed when the latter has achieved worldwide populaity. Then, I plan to propose a new possible strategy for Korea’s food globalization plan.


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