Week 5 : Literature Review

This literature review reassess the existing research done on the subject of kidult and kidult culture. In Bernardini (2014)[1] the author discusses the history of how kidult culture developed and defines kidult culture as a lifestyle choice rather than a transitional phase. This is useful for this research as it provides a in-depth understanding of the overall concept of kidult culture. However, this paper fails to differentiate kidults from people with “Peter Pan syndrome” , a psychological disorder that is often wrongly associated with kidult culture. In Bernadini (2014)[2], the author analyses the effect of kidult culture on the media and how the viewing choices of people have been infantilized. This research shows the growing influence of kidult culture especially on the field of media. Unfortunately, this research only covers kidult culture within the United States and does not provide any information within South Korea. Hayward (2014) reviews the psychology of kidults in specific detail. This provides a better understanding of the mind set of kidults. However, the research is not culture specific and does not provide any explanation regarding the culture of kidults.

This literature review presents existing research on kidults and kidult culture mostly focused on its history and how it was first introduced. It also points out how specific research regarding kidult culture within South Korea is lacking which this paper is attempting to present.

[1] Bernardini, J. (2014). The Infantilization of the Postmodern Adult and the Figure of Kidult. Postmodern Openings, 5(2), 39-55.

[2] Bernardini, J. (2014). The Postmodern Infantilization of the Media


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