Week 2 HW – Research Paper Question

Q. In the future, could kidult culture be recognized as a legitimate lifestyle (such as DINKs, hippies, or the kangaroo generation)?

The word ‘Kidult’ is a combination of the word ‘kid’ and ‘adult’ and refers to adults who still engage in activities and games for children such as Legos, dolls,  action figures and many more. Merely a few decades ago, kidult was no more than an underground culture known and enjoyed by a handful of people. However, over the course of time, kidult has developed into a full fledged culture that is recognized for its cultural.and economic influence world wide.  Considering the development of kidult culture and how fast it has grown, it is likely that kidult culture will grow into a lifestyle. In a few years time, when asked to introduce one’s self, many will start  by saying something on the lines of : “Well, I am a kidult currently working in finance, and my wife and I are expecting a baby boy in two months time.”


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