My Five Year Plan.

Four years ago, I was a troubled high school senior trying to figure out what the next four years of my life would be like. Not at all surprisingly, more than half of my plans as a university student turned out to be mere dreams and failed realities. Now, with a year left till graduation, I am yet again faced with a life changing period in front of me. The future plans and decisions that I make this year, and the approximate five years that will take for me to make those decisions a reality will affect the next few decades of my life which means I have to come up with a pretty foolproof plan.

While my major is English Literature, I am also double-majoring in English Interpretation and Translation (EIT) which I tend to make a career out of. English Literature is my passion but I find that the field is a bit limited to pursue as a career unless I become a professor. On the other hand, I find EIT just as interesting and a more flexible field to make a career out of. So, my plan for the next two years is to study and prepare for the EIT graduation school entrance. Personally, I feel that my current EIT skills are borderline amateur so I am currently taking translation classes at an institute to improve my skills. After I reach a certain level, I hope to prepare for graduate school in earnest.

If all turns out well and I enter graduate school, I really want to start achieve financial independence from my parents. Right now I still get an allowance from my parents which is quite embarrassing considering I am a senior at college. I am currently looking for a tutoring job but without much success. Hopefully, once I enter graduate school, an extra line on my resume might capture the attention of prospective students and I can stand on my own feet.

After two years, I will graduate from EIT graduate school and finally start my life as member of society and no longer a student. Honestly, I am not sure what will happen for me that year. Will I join a company, or an institute? If so, will it be at Korea or maybe even overseas? I hope that the four years that I have managed to plan so far will help me paint a picture of what the obscure future of the final year of my five year plan will look like.


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